Approximate Schedule



In addition to scheduled activities will be occasional classroom exercises in preparing and labeling specimens, etc. Weekend schedules will be announced. Chapter reading assignments are in the textbook, The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs. All times approximate and are Texas time, CDT.

The approximate sunrise time at the site is 6:20am CDT
The approximate sunset time at the site is  9:40pm CDT

All dates and times must be considered approximate. The weather and other conditions are not totally predictable and flexibility is a prime requirement!

Unless otherwise noted, breakfast and dinner will be a hot meal at the camp facility and lunch will be a sack lunch prepared by the individual in the morning.



Date                 Lecture Topic/ Activity                                                 Instructor          Text


Fri, Jun 1          Make Camp                                                                 Staff

Sat, Jun 2         Walking tour of the area                                                Staff

Sun, Jun 3        Crazy Horse Volksmarch                                              Staff

Mon, Jun 4       Field techniques, GPS & GIS and project history          Turner              Ch 1

Tue, Jun 5        The Dinosauria: Bones and bone hunters                       Chadwick         Ch 5

Wed, Jun 6       Origin of the Dinosauria (and everything else)                Spencer            Ch 3

Thu, Jun 7        Interrelationships of vertebrates                                     Spencer            Ch 4

Fri, Jun 8          Newcastle trip                                                              Staff

Sat, Jun 9         No class activities                                                         Staff

Sun, Jun 10      Biomes of the Rocky Mountains (Day in Quarry)           Staff

Mon, Jun 11     Biomes of the Rocky Mountains (Biome Field Tp)         Spencer/Ekkens

Tue, Jun 12      Origin of the Geological Column (Biome Field Tp)         Spencer/Ekkens Ch 2

Wed, Jun 13     The Geological Column & Biome succession                 Spencer

Thu, Jun 14      Dinosaurs & Biome Succession                                     Spencer            Ch 15

Fri, June 15      Mammoth Hot Springs                                                  Staff

Sat, June 16     No class activities                                                         Staff

Sun, Jun 17      Stegosauria, Ankylosauria & Pachycephalosauria          Chadwick         Ch 6, 7 & 8

Mon, Jun 18     Ceratopsia & Ornithopoda                                           Chadwick         Ch 9,10

Tue, Jun 19      Sauropodomorpha                                                        Chadwick         Ch 11

Wed, Jun 20     Theropoda                                                                   Chadwick         Ch 12

Thu, Jun 21      Birds as Feathered Dinosaurs                                        Spencer            Ch 13 & 14

Fri, Jun 22        Newcastle trip                                                              Staff

Sat, Jun 23       No class activities                                                         Staff

Sun, Jun 24      Patterns in the Dinosaur Fossil Record                          Spencer            Ch 16, 17, 18

Mon, Jun 25     Paleocurrents and the Geologic Column                        Chadwick

Tue, Jun 26      Towards a Catastrophic Model                                     Spencer/ Chadwick

Wed, Jun 27     Planet Earth in the Universe                                           Turner

Thu, Jun 28      Leave Camp                                                                 Staff