Summer 2006



GEOL 320

Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Petrology and Petrography

4 semester hours

GEOL 320 Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Petrology and Petrography

4 hours


Prerequisite: GEOL 111 and 112.

An introduction to the description, origin, and historical interpretation of stratified rocks. (Offered periodically)

2006-07, Southwestern Adventist University Bulletin


  • Elaine Kennedy, Ph.D, (sedimentology, basin analysis)


       Nichols, G., 1999. Sedimentology and Stratigraphy. Blackwell, Oxford, 355 pp. ISBN 0-632-03578-1.

The textbook is required. You need to obtain a copy before coming to class. A most convenient (and possibly the least expensive) way to obtain your copy is to order it on-line from a company such as  (opens in a new browser window).

General Description:

The class will focus on the principles of sediment origin, transport and deposition. It will cover mechanisms of sediment erosion, including eolian, coastal and fluvial systems and mechanisms of transport and deposition. The origin and history of basinal deposition will be emphasized, as well as the identification an characterization of sedimentary rocks in outcrop, hand samples and thin section. Field trips to the Wind River Range and to local outcrops will stress the interpretation of rock structures and strata.


Grades are determined from three broad areas:

Laboratory exercises 30%

Midterm exam 30%

Final Exam 40%

Final grades are then computed from the weighted average of percentages earned according to:



90% 100%




80%  90%




70%  80%




60%  70%




  0%  60%











Class Schedule


In addition to scheduled activities will be occasional classroom exercises in preparing and labeling specimens, etc. Chapter reading assignments are in the textbook, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy.


Date Lecture Reading Lab


Jun 6, Mon Principles of Stratigraphy and Sedimentology Chap 1 Lab 1 Grain size analysis

Jun 7, Tue Clastic Sediments Chap 2,3

Jun 8, Wed Clastic Sedimentary Rocks Chap 4 Lab 2 Sediment analysis

Jun 9, Thu Diagenetic Alteration of Sedimentary Rocks Chap 17 Lab 3 Sedimentary rock analysis

Jun 10 Fri Field trip to local outcrops to examine sedimentary structures

Jun 13, Mon Sedimentary Processes Transportation and Deposition of Sediment Chap 5 Lab 4 Sandstones and carbonates

Jun 14, Tue Sedimentary Structures Chap 6 Lab 5 Sedimentary dynamics

Jun 15, Wed Depositional Environments The Facies Concept Chap 7 Lab 6 Sed structures I

Jun 16, Th Depositional Environments I glacial, eoliam, lacustrine Chap 8 Lab 7 Sed structures II

Jun 17, Fri Midterm exam

Jun 20, Mon Depositional Environments II fluvial deltaic Chap 9 ,12 Lab 8 - Well log analysis

Jun 21, Tue Depositional Environments III marine Chap 13 Lab 9 Cross section analysis

Jun 22, Wed Principles of Stratigraphy Chap 18,20

Jun 23, Thu Sequence Stratigraphy Chap 21 Lab 10 Sequence stratigraphy

Jun 24, Fri Field trip to Wind River Range to study sequence stratigraphy

Jun 27, Mon Sedimentary Basinal Geology Chap 23

Jun 28, Tue Models of Sedimentation

Jun 29, Wed Summary

Jun 30, Thu Final Exam


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